Mandatory AOV for the self-employed

Hot off the press: no compulsory pension, but compulsory disability insurance for self-employed workers. It is now up to the social partners and self-employed organizations to come up with a concrete proposal. Many parties do not agree with a mandatory AOV.
Today an agreement in principle was presented on the new pension system. The trade unions and employers’ organizations will vote on it next week. The agreement states that self-employed persons are obliged to take out occupational disability insurance.
The pension proposal also states that there may be an opt-out for self-employed persons. They can then demonstrate that they have insured themselves against incapacity for work in another way.

But it is not yet clear what this mandatory AOV will look like and whether it will really come to fruition. The government asks the social partners to come up with a concrete proposal for this insurance before the summer of 2020 in consultation with self-employed workers. A collective basic insurance seems more feasible than an obligation for a commercial variant.

The introduction of a mandatory AOV will therefore take some time. The Borstlap committee will also come up with a vision on this subject in the meantime.

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