HTTPS as new standard

Maandag® IT is continuously trying to improve the service, reliability and quality of its services. A new leap in reliability has been made today by switching the website to the safer HTTPS protocol.
Most websites today still use the HTTP protocol. The URLs of these websites start with ‘http://’ and use port 80 by default. HTTPS is an alternative to this existing protocol and increases security by sending encrypted data.

This encryption requires the installation of a so-called SSL certificate. Each domain name receives a unique SSL certificate, which cannot be emulated or copied. The information sent on a website is therefore virtually inaccessible to outsiders.

Once a website is secured with HTTPS, the URL of the website starts with ‘https://’ and uses port 443. Many web browsers show a green padlock on the left of the address bar as proof that it is a safe website with a valid SSL certificate.

The growth of our organisation continues and we also notice this on our website. Traffic to the website has increased a lot last year. With an HTTP protocol the possibility exists that all data can be intercepted and read by parties with bad intentions. In order to guarantee the privacy and security of our customers and freelancers online, we have taken this important step to HTTPS.