Why do our clients opt
for Maandag® IT?

Maandag® IT was born out of the thought that things could be done better. Maandag® noticed the disadvantageous effect of ‘mass’ secondment. Not only the quality of assignments, but also the quality of match between candidate and client deteriorated rapidly as a result.. To guarantee quality to all parties involved, Maandag® IT was founded. To turn this vision into reality Maandag® IT does not work with just anyone. During the recruitment process we look critically at the project and the client. By setting high standards we are able to deliver the quality which Maandag® IT is known for.
Maandag® IT does not work with middlemen. This ensures that your employee has a bigger chance to get a possible assignment. To keep the hiring chain as short as possible we also work this way on the candidate side. We are therefore only open to partners with their own employees. This creates a cooperation that is of added value for both of us.
We help your candidates prepare for the intake interview, thus relieving you of all worries. This also significantly increases the candidate’s chances of success. We not only support you in getting your employees ready, but also keep you informed of the latest developments in the sector, such as the Assessment of Employment Relationships (Deregulation) Act and the Personal Data Protection Act. Based on the changes in these laws, you and your employees are informed and thus prepared.
As an intermediary, we know that overview is very important. In order to give you a more complete picture of your new, current and past assignments, we have developed a portal. Here you can see how the application processes between your employees and clients run. Relevant documents are also stored here. This portal has been developed on the basis of recent and upcoming legislative changes, so that your employees can easily manage their personal data.
Do you also want to work with a progressive organisation that is fully committed to its clients, partners and freelancers every day? And enjoy the many benefits Maandag® IT has to offer? Then contact us using the form below or call +31 (0)10 8409999.

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