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Are you a hiring manager looking for a reliable partner for the flexible part of your department? Since 2007, Maandag® IT has helped over 100 clients to find the right (interim) IT specialists. As an independent IT intermediary we strive to make the best match between supply and demand of IT professionals.
Maandag® IT works independently, this means that we do not employ our own IT specialists for any assignments. Because we do not employ IT specialists we can make the best match by using our network of freelancers and partners. This is in contrast to other secondment companies who depend on the availability of their own staff.
Maandag® IT introduces candidates only to end users. Candidates are freelancers or employees of specialised partners who are in direct contact with Maandag® IT. Because of this there will never be more then one intermediary which results in an optimal communication, favourable rates and candidates that really fit. This way Maandag® IT can really add value to clients and candidates.
With a network of thousands of freelancers and hundreds of specialised partners we can present intake worthy candidates within a few working days. Maandag® IT strives to introduce candidates as fast as possible without losing sight of the personal match between candidate and client.
Maandag® IT is specialised in the Software Development Life Cycle trajectory which consists of: planning design, implementation, test phase, maintenance, project management and more. In this cycle an IT specialist can be arranged for all phases from planning to the final deployment of an IT system.
The added value of our services has been proven many times over. This is evidenced by the references on Ratecard given by esteemed candidates and clients.
Do you have a capacity shortage? Or are you in need of an expert for your project? Let us find the perfect match for you. Contact us quickly by calling 010 899 0108 or sending us a message. You can also follow us on LinkedIn.

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