A web developer is the best at developing applications for the web and often good not only with front-end, but also with server-side solutions. Web developers are both technically and creatively strong; they know a lot about HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Java, PHP, .NET or another framework.
Webdeveloper has a combination of tasks that require both technical and creative insight. A web developer must be able to program, edit and present. The distribution of these tasks is different in each job, but it is true that the web developer will work in a multidisciplinary way. A web developer usually has a deeper knowledge of programming than, for instance, a webmaster.

A web developer is often present from the beginning of the creation of a website, and thus develops the entire website from beginning to end. He/she is steered by the requirements of the client. The goal is to make the website as attractive as possible, based on a solid layout supplemented with dynamic elements and a user-friendly interface. For this, not only the wishes and demands of the client must be taken into account, but also those of the future visitor.

So, in simple terms, a web developer builds or adapts websites. Therefore, a web developer is often also called a website builder. Some website builders limit themselves to the technical side of building or maintaining a website. But there are also web developers who deal with the design of a website and are then actually a website builder and web designer in one.

Web developers work in a multidisciplinary way. This is also true for Maandag® IT. We take care of our clients but also keep an eye on the interests of our IT freelancers. That is why you will get a fixed contact at Maandag® IT. This makes communication a lot easier and more personal. You can go to your regular contact for questions about an assignment. This is just one example of our extensive service.
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