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With over 7,000 freelancers and a large network of specialised partners, we have been doing what we do best since 2007. High-end IT professionals for specialised IT jobs.

Maandag® IT has grown to a national operating IT intermediary of IT specialists at higher education and academic level within the Software Development Life Cycle consisting of: planning design, implementation, test phase, maintenance, project management and more. With a young and dynamic team and a network of over 7,000 active IT candidates, we know how to connect the best IT professionals with the right clients.
We go for the best candidate and therefore the best match. We achieve this through a combination of quality, partnership (binding), speed and focus.

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Since 2007, we have built up a large external network and are well established in the IT market. We know many direct end clients, freelance IT specialists and specialised suppliers. Our network is growing every day. This means that in addition to new requests, we also get to know more and more IT specialists. The IT specialists supplied by us belong to the top of the IT market. This makes them highly skilled IT professionals with extensive knowledge in their field. And thus indispensable in everyday business operations.

It goes without saying that these candidates are looking for high-level assignments at attractive companies. At Maandag® IT we have assignments that perfectly match this requirement. If you are an IT professional who likes to work with the newest technologies, Maandag® IT is the right place for you.

The services of Maandag® IT go beyond the IT recruitment process. You can contact us at all times for questions about LinkedIn, when you want to update your CV and for questions about being a self-employed person. Our team is driven and flexible and works hard every day to find the best match.

Thinking proactively with the client is our second nature. We are close to our end clients in the process and always have direct contact with the managers who place the assignment. This way, we really know how to find out the question behind the question. Therefore often only one or two matches are needed. This is not only an advantage for Maandag® IT but also for clients, partners and freelancers.

Besides the commercial and technical knowledge, the team of Maandag® IT can draw from a wealth of people skills. Establishing and maintaining relationships is vital to how we do business and we pay a lot of attention to this. Backed by strong people skills, our recruiters know who they are dealing with. Because of this the organisation is not only able to make a match based on knowledge and skills, but also on personality. This way we always realise the best match for both candidate and client at Maandag® IT.

We continue to strive for continuous improvement. By focusing on improving our services every year we have realised a stable growth of over 30% for several years now. An impressive achievement of which we are very proud as an organisation. This growth is very well visible in the rising line of job vacancies and candidates who are actively working on an assignment.

Would you like to work for Maandag® IT? Together we work hard every day to find the best match for our clients and candidates. Check out the possibilities with us. You can also follow us on LinkedIn. That way you will stay up to date with interesting news items, blogs and more.

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