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The people of Maandag® IT give fresh energy to important work.
Where are you going to work?
The best match for IT! That is what we stand for and with results. Maandag® IT strives every day to make the best match between client and candidate, but what else do we do?

  • Independent mediation
  • Fast communication
  • Clear contracts
  • Personal attention
  • Transparent in action
  • “Excellent and fast service…

    I've had two dealings with Maandag® IT in the past, both of which were very pleasant. They really care about being fair and meeting one's wishes. They're professional and very approachable. And best of all: they are transparent and want the best deal for all parties involved.

    Sipke Schoorstra
  • “Excellent and fast service…”

    I was contacted for a job via Maandag® IT. After a short introduction with a few questions, I already got a pretty good impression of my recruiter. An hour later he called and set up an intake! Very fast and well managed. I think Maandag® IT recruiters are honest people; they shared a lot of details with me that I used to my benefit.

    Jeroen Hildering
  • “Trustworthy and flexible intermediary…”

    Very clear and to the point in doing business. Always pay on time. I have not experienced that at other agencies. Also, flexible with paying out the first invoice.

    Frank Stolker
    IT professional

Mandatory AOV for the self-employed

Zzp'ers: geen verplicht pensioen, maar wel een verplichte arbeidsongeschiktheidsverzekering.
Maandag IT Locatie Rotterdam

We are relocating!

For years, the Erasmus bridge has been a beautiful and familiar sight when you arrive at the office of Maandag® IT in Rotte
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Maandag® Holding strengthens IT position through acquisition of WIBA IT

19 July 2021 - Maandag® Holding today announces the acquisition of WIBA IT. With this acquisition, Maandag® Holding streng